Computer Simulation for Training the Proper Use of Personal Protective Equipment

The use of personal protective equipment is one of the basic infection control precautions in health care. The effectiveness of personal protective equipment is highly dependent on adequate staff training. In this project, a computer simulation program, as a supplement to conventional training approaches, was developed to facilitate the learning of the proper use of personal protective equipment. The simulation program was a Web-based interactive software with user-friendly graphical interface for users to practice the use of personal protective equipment usage via drag-and-drop metaphors and respond to questions online. The effectiveness of the computer simulation software was investigated by a controlled study. Fifty healthcare workers were randomly assigned into two groups: one received conventional personal protective equipment training only (control group), whereas the other also received the same conventional training but followed by using the developed simulation program for self-learning (experimental group). Their performance was assessed by personal protective equipment donning and doffing evaluation before and after the training. The results showed that the computer simulation program is able to improve the healthcare workers’ understanding and competence in using personal protective equipment.


P.P. Hung, K.S. Choi, V.C.L. Chiang, Using Interactive Computer Simulation for Teaching the Proper Use of Personal Protective Equipment. CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing, volume 33, issue 2, pages 49-57, February 2015. [doi]

Computer Simulation

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